Gabor Benda
+36 30 487 8206

The pianist and composer Gabor Benda was born in Budapest. He studied classical and jazz music in his native city and graduated as a cultural historian from the University of Jewish Studies.

In the summer of 2021, as part of the 52nd Eucharistic Congress, his composition for piano entitled “The Story of Jesus” was premiered in the Hermina Chapel in Budapest. The play presents twelve stations in the life of Jesus. Elements of classical music, jazz, and film music are mixed into Benda's music. This is how he describes his work:

“I believe that music is the highest and deepest form of human expression. Music cannot be defined in words and we cannot accurately describe the meaning of a melody. Of course, we can distinguish simple feelings like sadness and joy. When I compose music or when a melody comes into my mind, first, I have a very faint idea of its meaning. Then the music develops with harmonies and more melodies and suddenly I start thinking about certain stories, characters, philosophy or just nature; and finally, I can describe in words what I see behind my composition. So, I choose a title for it that reflects it the most. And finally, I can talk about it, not just play, but present it with words and pictures.”

In Hungary, "The Story of Jesus" has been performed in numerous churches. Last year the Hungarian state television broadcasted the film version of the work at Pentecost and Christmas. In the summer of 2022, Hunnia Records published his work and besides the general music streaming sites, it is available in high-resolution form on the Dutch site: Native DSD. Gabor Benda sent the CD version of “The Story of Jesus to Pope Frances, who gave him his Apostolic blessing. Now Gabor Benda is touring in Germany. During the Holy Week he is giving a six-station concert series across Germany. For more information check out his concert calendar!